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Processing fast, accurate and consistent estimates is key to any estimator.

Whatever the size of your business, it’s essential to manage and track your contract documents with ease so your time can be spent on producing good quality estimates. Find out how powerful construction estimating software can help you streamline your processes.

At Eque2 we have developed dedicated construction estimating software to meet your needs – EValuate.


Speed up bill production: Create detailed Bills of Quantities using free text descriptions, or quickly populate from previous jobs, templates, your own libraries or Laxton’s Priced Libraries


Produce accurate construction bids: Consistently build realistic and competitive estimates from first principles, Laxton’s Priced Libraries, or use existing build-ups from your own libraries or historic rates from any previous job


2D, 3D and BIM Measurement: Calculate measurements using the On-screen Takeoff from 2D and 3D drawings and BIM files. These can then be automatically linked back to the estimate to update quantities saving you more time


Automatically import Excel bills: Price them up and export rates back into the source document

Laxton’s Priced Libraries: Available in both SMM7 and NRM2 format provide resource build-ups with annually updated rates for pricing items directly, or for comparison with your or your subcontractors’ rates.


Easily manage subcontractor tendering and comparison of bids: Effectively manage your subcontractors, generate trade specific enquiry packs including drawings, issue revisions, track responses and compare quotes


Integrate with industry leading: Contract management and finance solutions from Eque2. Ensure that the data produced at estimate drives budgets, buying and billing throughout the project life cycle


Create and maintain a central repository of historical cost data for all projects: Avoid silos of data and increase efficiency by quickly producing cost plans or budget estimates by element or trade


Gain uniformity across estimates:  Using the same terminology allows for faster review and approval from Commercial team

What our customers say

Case Studies

Established in 1868, Kingerlee Ltd, has been using Eque2’s EValuate construction estimating software since 2010 to effectively manage all elements of the estimating process across the business.

Bushcrafted Ltd specialise in office refurbishment and joinery, working with concept designers to turn their unique ideas into a reality.

Enaflo Interiors (Enaflo) are specialists in interior design and office refurbishment within Kent, London and the surrounding areas.


EValuate provides many benefits over using Excel spreadsheets. For example, you can build up a resource and item library rather than leaving yourself exposed to manually entered numbers or equations in spreadsheets which may not always calculate correctly. And when I want to price an item, rather than copy and pasting from a previous spreadsheet, which can take me a couple of minutes to find, with EValuate, I can just go to my item library and it’s all there

Matt Green, Director at Enaflo Interiors.

We now have a level of consistency within our business that we never had with Excel. We are able to build and revise our tenders faster, resulting in more wins for the business. I went from working 6 ½ days a week to 5 days a week, as tasks that would typically take around 12 hours now only take 10 minutes in EValuate

Paul Clarke, Commercial Manager, HFN Landscapes.

SJE choose EValuate Estimating software

SJE Carpentry and Joinery use EValuate construction estimating software to help them speed up tenders with greater accuracy.

Eque2’s EValuate construction estimating software alongside Construct for Sage Accounts helps SJE manage the entire project lifecycle to ensure their estimates are accurate, contracts are managed, deliveries are recorded, and jobs are delivered on time and on budget.

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