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When creating Bills of Quantities, EValuate uses free text, Laxton’s Priced Libraries, your own libraries or previous projects to build a levelled structure of headings and measured items. So from the very start your estimates are faster to create and more accurate.

Powerful, flexible bill production functions enable fast preparation of professional, detailed, ‘drillable’ bills
Measured items, including headings if required; or entire ranges, pages or sections of Laxton’s Priced Libraries, your own libraries or previous jobs added with a double-click
Template BQs enable you to save time by starting immediately on the Takeoff for repetitive projects
Measured items in templates can include build-ups but with the flexibility to amend resources or outputs
Projects can be structured by Bill/Volume/Section/Page or your own structure AND items may be assigned to Element, Package, Task or ‘Sort’
Personalised, branded Bill Summary or Quotation documents may be generated so that you can tender to your client if the format that you and they require
Mapping of columns and levelling of header and item rows can be automated, along with the facility to add page or section breaks and exclude unwanted lines
Export to source Excel makes an exact copy of the original excel file and populates gross rates so that your client or PQS can receive your tender in their own format

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We now have a new level of consistency within our business, we are able to build and revise tenders faster with more accuracy, resulting in more wins for the business.

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Discover how EValuate can help you measure and price with more accuracy

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