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Quote more accurately with specific price estimating software that allows you to quickly and easily define detailed resource build ups or use existing build-ups from Laxton’s Priced Libraries, your own libraries, templates or any previous job.

Build up Labour, Plant and Materials with outputs and waste either manually or insert from a library or any job you’ve ever priced
Repeat Items, Composite Activities, Gangs and Applied Factors can all be used to ensure a detailed, accurate and flexible estimate
Rates can be amended manually or material enquiries sent to suppliers
Standard composites may be amended at the job level and the ‘Find & Replace’ function can quickly amend an entire bill following a change in specification
Document Register and Bill Items are categorised by Trade Package so that subcontractors receive a clear, details and entirely relevant enquiry pack
Enquiry e mail is sent from your e mail address, documents and revisions are uploaded to a pin protected, hosted portal through which subcontractors also submit their response
You define how gross rates are calculated from nett to suit your tender adjudication process
Calculations can be set at summary or detailed level, by resource or by different parts of the bill, ensuring that your tender is commercially sound

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EValuate allows you to save time and effort by saving past estimates and use them as a template for your next quote using up-to date costings, without having to re-enter data.

Enaflo Interiors.

Discover how EValuate can help you describe and measure with more accuracy

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