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Register onto one of our live demos of construction-specific estimating software.

Sign up to one of our live webinars where we will demonstrate how our modern estimating software can speed up the process of describing, measuring and pricing documents – created in-house or from an external source and then progressed into post contract.


Modern Construction Estimating Software

9.30am | Friday 16th April 2021

See how modern estimating software can help you produce fast, accurate tenders to ensure you can remain efficient and competitive now and in the future.

We now have a level of consistency within our business that we never had with Excel. We are able to build and revise our tenders faster, resulting in more wins for the business. I went from working 6 ½ days a week to 5 days a week, as tasks that would typically take around 12 hours now only take 10 minutes in EValuate.

HFN Landscapes.

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