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Register onto one of our live demos of construction-specific estimating software.

Sign up to one of our live webinars where we will demonstrate how our modern estimating software can speed up the process of describing, measuring and pricing documents – created in-house or from an external source and then progressed into post contract.


View our live online webinars which are each 20 minutes long and you’ll learn how to overcome common challenges, including:

Fast, Easy Bill Production with Estimating Software

10:00am | Friday 25th September

Learn about using either bespoke libraries or Templates, Previous Jobs & Libraries. Also see how you can Import Client bills from Excel and export your rates back into the original spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets vs Estimating Software: which wins?

2:00pm | Thursday 1st October

Consider the differences between estimating on spreadsheets and specialist software, in this session we will focus on our flexible resource-based estimating tools.

Integrate your Take-offs with Estimating Software

9:30am | Friday 9th October

See how you can perform a fast, accurate Take-off from all file types, and how live links between the dim sheet and mark-up can automatically populate then revise quants.

A Faster, Smoother and More Competitive Tendering Process

10.30am | Thursday 15th October

For main contractors and developers, our Subcontractor Enquiries Portal includes document management and direct submission of subby rates into your comparison screen.

Improve your Adjudication when using Estimating Software

9:30am | Friday 23rd October

Learn about features that help you benchmark and analyse your estimate and have the confidence to set competitive margins and tender more successfully.

Deliver Margins Effectively With Estimating Software

10:00am | Thursday 29th October 2020

See how once won, a project can be handed over to the QS, who can repackage and retender to enhance margins then manage variations and valuations all the way to final account.

We now have a level of consistency within our business that we never had with Excel. We are able to build and revise our tenders faster, resulting in more wins for the business. I went from working 6 ½ days a week to 5 days a week, as tasks that would typically take around 12 hours now only take 10 minutes in EValuate.

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